Infection Prevention Australia is about to make your Health Care compliance auditing a whole lot easier, introducing:

Checkup is a web and App based auditing tool, designed specifically to make the task of auditing simpler, faster and produce more powerful and actionable reports.

Features include:

  • Auditing schedules that are customised to be automatic.
  • The dashboard gives you instant feedback on completed rooms, rooms to be audited and re-audited.
  • Multiple logins allow you to allocate only key areas to each auditor or report writer.
  • Benchmarking reports have been included.
  • Areas to be fixed are automatically sent to the key department for rectification.
  • Simple App based touch screen and feedback boxes are easy to use saving time and duplication of data.
  • Colour coding shows what has been completed, needs to be done or has been rectified.

Checkup has been specifically designed by people with years of experience working in the industry on a daily basis. This ensures checkup works effectively and efficiently.